Tao had his echo on Dec 20, and the tech guy was awesome. Turned out he was a vegan (I could tell by his glow). He went vegan after having a heart attack himself–I thought that was amazing for a heart technician. We talked all about The China Study and Esselstyn, and I gave him my tahini salad dressing recipe. These are coping conversations: real conversations with real people during stressful situations.

I took a picture of the echo being taken. The echo is basically a picture of the heart, like they do for a pregnant mom’s baby. Instead of a little tot, we saw Tao’s heart. It was fascinating. I could see the miracle that is life right on the screen. Technology is amazing! The tech drew lines from different points on the screen, so the cardiologist could evaluate the images and let us know what was going on.

The tech told us that if he saw anything life-threatening or urgent, Tao would have to stay on the table and a cardiologist would be brought in. Thankfully, that did not happen. We got to leave that day and visit with the cardiologist the next day. All was pretty black and white.

As I wrote in the previous post, it is a leaky valve and it’s getting worse because his heart is expanding. Now of course, his heart is expanding. He’s the most loving compassionate man I know. Go figure.


2 responses to “Echocardiogram

  1. You are so wise “real conversations with real people during stressful situations.” Such an important part of the journey, to find connection with those who perform tests or surgery, those whose job it is to care and sometimes they can forget that, so an honest, friendly conversation reminds them that you are a person, that your husband is a person whom you love, not just a patient. Namaste.

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