Tao LaBossiere

Tao LaBossiere

My husband, the award-winning fine artist Tao LaBossiere, has been diagnosed with a leaky valve. This means that his aortic valve has two flaps instead of three. It will require open heart surgery to repair. I’m creating this blog as a means of coping and for support, as well as a way to keep friends and loved ones informed of his progress.


8 responses to “Tao LaBossiere

  1. Amy,
    Prayers are magical….I will keep both of you in mine. Know that you and Tao are loved and supported by many…..blessings and love, Marcia

  2. Amy, Laura and I will be saying our prayers for you both. We will call for the beauty and protection of Loving and healing White Light to surround and fill you both as well. Be well, never hesitate to call and always know that today’s medical technology is amazing. You and Tao are very strong. As so, so many others are, we are with you. Peace, Craig

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