Announcing…Art for the Open Heart

It’s easy to feel powerless in situations like these, when the stakes are high–Tao’s health and well being. We were also getting worried about how to fund this surgery. I had middle ear surgery in September, and that minorly major surgery will take a year or more to pay off. Thank God I had some basic insurance and it covered some items, and the surgery, comparatively, was way less costly than Open Heart. Tao has catastrophic insurance, so he’s got a $12K deductible and $30K in coinsurance. That’s a big chunk for young entrepreneurs like us. I figure the only way through this is to do what I do best—create an art show fundraiser! We put the call out on Thursday for ART FOR THE OPEN HEART. So far, we’ve got 77 artist participating as I write this, and we anticipate more. It’s going to be an amazing exhibit. We are giving all the artists that Tao has supported over the years the opportunity for a great show and to support him as well. Friends and family are coming out of the woodwork to support our efforts, and I am thrilled!

Here’s a link to the Facebook event page. You’ll have to be on Facebook to see it.

Our dear friend Rachel is creating a logo and event flyer. I’ll post them here when she’s done creating so you can see some details. Thanks everyone for your love and support. More posting soon!




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