Today at Hartford Hospital: Gratitude

Here’s what happened at Hartford Hospital today for Tao’s cardiac catheterization/angiogram…I am so grateful.

Look at my blog post below if you’d like to see an animation of the procedure, “What is a Cardiac Catheterization”


7 responses to “Today at Hartford Hospital: Gratitude

  1. Hello Amy and Tao – this blog is a wonderful way to share with all of us to keep in tune with your efforts at healing your heart. Thank you for taking time out of your hectic day although I bet it helps to share right now!
    Love Carol Ann!

  2. Such great news Amy! I am keeping you both in my prayers. I have recently spent quite a bit of time in that very cath lab. They are wonderful. Sending you strength, and healing love! 🙂

    • Thank you Miss Cheryl, very much appreciate that! Did you happen to notice the relief sculpture in the family waiting room? The artist is Ann Rosow-Lucchesi. I exchanged emails with her while I was in that waiting room. Her donated art was exquisite. Hope to see you soon. xo

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